Business Walk In & Mail In Customers

Business Walk In & Mail In Customers of Barrie Gold Buyer Division of Bullion Partners of Canada Ltd

Registered businesses of Barrie Gold Buyer enjoy two different quick & convenient ways to sell, to ensure they are getting the most for their precious metals scrap.

The Outright Purchase Process: Business Customers can either mail or visit our physical location. One of our certified buyers will then sort, verify and weigh all of our customers material and offer a competitive purchase price.

You can see more info about our Outright Purchase Process Here.

The Melt & Assay Process: Established Business Customers can utilize the “no gray area” process of a melt & assay. Our knowledgeable staff will melt your precious metal scrap into a homogeneous bar, and assay (test) that bar to find out the exact precious metal content of your material; Leaving us confident to pay the highest payout for your material.

You can view more info about our Melt & Assay Process Here.

Some of the regular businesses and industries we serve:

Jewellers – As a Jeweller you may also purchase gold as another revenue stream or you may have surplus stock and/or scrap filings that you wish to have recycled and converted into products or cash.

Pawn Brokers – As a Pawn Store owner, we understand how important the gold and silver aspect of your business is. Partnering with the right buyer is important, so that you receive maximum returns.

Gold Buyers – Whether you own a store, perform traveling buying shows, or travel to customers. We have state of the art equipment that will ensure quick and efficient service.

Dentist – As a Dentist you likely have and are accumulating gold crowns/caps and bridges. This material is highly valuable and should be treated as such. Only deal with a buyer, with proper processing abilities.

Estate Sales – Many estates have precious metals that have to be liquidated, dealing directly with us will maximize your returns in a friendly and transparent process.

Recyclers – We serve both tradition scrap dealers (non-ferrous & ferrous), Auto Recyclers as well as Electronic Scrap Recyclers. We have past hands on experience in all these market places.

Manufactures – Industrial businesses and manufactures generate surplus and old scrap, in which they may already have a recycling method. We help review/ assess and potentially improve their bottom line.

Coin Dealers – As a coin dealer and/or bullion dealer, you may generate and source scrap gold but you should know we have a bullion and coin division that offers some of the best prices in the market.

Upon appointment registered businesses can view the processing of their material, from the induction melting of the material to the XRF analysis and once complete you can receive payment right on the spot. Create Account Here & Print Packing List Here

The Barrie Gold Buyer Difference:

  • Competitive Pricing for your Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium.
  • Friendly and comfortable customer service
  • Quick and Efficient Processing time
  • Financially Strong and Independent
  • Multiple Settlement Options
  • Peace of Mind Service & Personalized Services
  • State of the art equipment in-house
  • Trusted name with all our business partners

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