Best Price Guarantee

Barrie Gold Buyer is so confident that we pay the highest prices for gold and silver scrap in Barrie and surrounding areas, that we will put a GUARANTEE ON IT.

We can – and will – beat any competitor’s written estimates.

In the event you find a price higher than ours, bring in the written estimate, and we will offer a higher price. It’s that simple.

This does not apply after selling your items, once your items are sold; the sale is complete and final.

Please keep in mind that some gold buyers use high prices to lure customers in and then tact on a service fee or commission or potentially even down grade your gold karat content. Always be sure to read the fine print. When you do find a price higher than ours listed that day, secure a written estimate and we’ll beat that price GUARANTEED.

Best Price Guarantee Conditions:

  1. You must present a written offer to purchase jewellery from a recognized gold buyer in Barrie or Surrounding area’s dated the same day you come into our office. This is mandatory because gold and silver prices fluctuate day-to-day, so an offer from a week before may no longer be valid or enforceable.
  2. The quote must be based on gold/silver intrinsic metal value only – and not the value of the gemstones, diamonds and/or craftsmanship. (This is because we do not purchase most gemstones. We will however remove the stones and return them to you- No Charge.)
  3. The offer is subject to our own testing, and the store manager’s discretion. If the other gold buyer made a mistake in identifying the karat of a piece, for example, we would not beat that price.

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