We Sell Gold & Silver Bullion

Here at Barrie Gold Buyer, we are a Canadian Full Service Precious Metal Dealer. Meaning not only do we buy precious metals, we also sell precious metal bullion through our sister company Bullion Partners of Canada Ltd.

Located under the same roof, Bullion Partners of Canada is a bricks and mortar business utilizing two Toronto fulfillment storage vaults while working directly with some of North Americas largest precious metal refineries.Bullion Partners of Canada Ltd is open to the public and businesses in the trade.

At Bullion Partners of Canada ltd we sell a variety of reputable bullion products. We source our material direct from some of the largest precious metal refiners in North America. Nearly all of the gold & silver bullion refiners that we deal with have “good delivery” status, which means that the bullion the refiner produces meets the highest standards and is recognized worldwide.

As your Bullion Partner, we make gold and silver ownership easy and comforting.

Visit : www.bullioncanada.com for our current products and pricing available for purchase.

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