Catalytic Converters

Barrie’s Catalytic Converter Buyer

What we do:

We offer a quick and easy solution for individuals, small garages and auto recyclers to convert their old automotive catalytic converters into cash.

How we do it:

Schedule an appointment to visit our affiliate recycling location. Have your material graded and receive your choice of cash, cheque or wire as payment.

Uniquely enough, we offer the option for you to take your cash payment and then convert it into your choice of gold, silver, platinum or palladium investment bars.

What makes old used catalytic converters valuable?

Platinum group metals aka “PGM’s” are incorporated into the converter to combat harmful emissions produced by both gas and diesel engines.

The PGM’s are found in the honeycomb of the converter and is the main source of value. The platinum group metals that are found in catalytic converters are:

Platinum: Considered to be the rarest precious metal.

Palladium: The cheapest out of these 3 platinum group metals.

Rhodium: Rare and extremely difficult to mine and refine.

How do we know, what your converter is worth?

Experience! We have past experience in direct refining of catalyst and hands on experience in de-canning and prepping of material.

However the main reason we know the value is from past material documentation and detailed analysis.

Can I get a quote prior to visiting your affiliate recycling location?

Absolutely! What’s important is that the entire honeycomb (inside of the converter) is intact, as that where the PGM’s and value is. You may take detailed pictures and email them to us, the make and vehicle information isn’t required but is helpful. Also visible markings/ codes are also not required but are helpful.

Here are some payout examples:

Aftermarket Converter: These are the least valuable catalytic converter. Today we are paying $5 each for used aftermarket converters.

Large Import Converter: These are converters from Asian auto manufactures; there are also small and medium import categories. Today we are paying $120 each for used large import converters.

Standard Domestic Converter: This particular converter is from an American auto manufacturer; today we are paying $40 each for this domestic converter.

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