Specialty Gold Recovery Services (Gold Plated Scrap)

Recovering Gold from Electroplated Scrap i.e. Gold Plated Scrap via Cyanide Stripping.

Please note this refining process is handled via one of our affiliate partners... We assist in the business referral, we offer the outright purchase prices and we supply the investment gold and silver bars.

What we do:

We offer a quick and easy solution for individuals, small-medium businesses and electronic recyclers to convert their old surplus gold plated scrap into cash.

How we do it:

Schedule an appointment to visit our affiliate recycling location. Have your material reviewed and an outright purchase price or refining terms, depending on the material and quantity.

Uniquely enough, we offer the option for you to take your cash payment and then convert it into your choice of gold, silver, platinum or palladium investment bars.

How the process works:

The stripping process is fast, efficient, and more cost-effective than melting or using other processes when the gold is not encapsulated or hidden under multi-layers.

The process involves immersing the gold plated scrap into a cyanide stripping solution to remove the layer of metal (gold). The scrap is then removed from the solution, rinsed, and visually and physically inspected to ensure that all gold has been fully removed. Then the gold is recovered from the solution and casted into an unrefined ingot, which is then sent of analysis and final settlement.

What is the ideal material for this refining (Cyanide Stripping)?

Material that only has surface plated gold is ideal for stripping, if the gold has a type of protection covering the gold, it may cause recovery challenges as the solution cannot fully reach the gold.

Can I get a quote prior to visiting your affiliate recycling location?

Absolutely! Send us a picture, Spec sheet and/ or a physical sample. Indicate the quantity of material available. Depending on the above factors, we will either offer a competitive outright purchase price and/or refining terms.

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