Dental Gold Purchasing and Recycling

We Assist Dentists, Dental Offices and Dental Labs with quick and reliable service at highly competitive payouts.

What we do:

We offer a quick and easy solution for individuals, dentist offices and dental labs to convert their old surplus Gold & Palladium Crowns and Bridges into cash.

How we do it:

Schedule an appointment to visit our office. Have your materials reviewed and an outright purchase price offered.

Uniquely enough, we offer the option for you to take your cash payment and then convert it into your choice of gold, silver, platinum or palladium investment bars.

How the process works:

Youíre old dental scrap gets sorted and weighed a price payout is calculated and offered to you, in which you have the option to accept or decline with no hassle and zero obligations to sell.

The process is relatively fast, and we also offer dental refining terms, if you have enough product to warrant the process.

Are you a dentist or dental office but not within driving distance to Barrie?

No Problem. We offer insured, secure shipping with tracking and signature requirement. Simply setup an account, request a pre-paid shipping label and ship your items.

Your material we be processed and an offer to purchase will be made within 48 hours of our confirmed reception.

Do you offer Dental containers with your business contact information on them?

Yes we do! With your request we may drop off or mail you our own plastic container that has our business details on it as well as a dental payment estimator gauge.

Begin putting your surplus gold dental scrap into the container, and when itís time to cash out, give us a call and we will gladly assist in converting your gold into cash.

Surplus gold offers a positive extra stream of income and itís also great to share within the office for an event, dinner or other positive things.

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