1 oz Silver Bullion .999+

CTV Bar front

CTV 1 oz Silver Bullion .999+

Not commonly circulated, this one ounce silver bar was manufactured and minted by the Jacque Cartier Mint

Johnson Matthey - 1 oz Silver Bullion .999+

Newest version of the 1 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bullion .999+ , JM was sold in recent years to a Japanese precious metal company Asahi Refining.

OPM Ohio Precious Metals - 1 oz Silver Bullion Bar .999+

This was the latest and final design version of the Ohio Precious Metal 1 oz Silver Bullion Bar . 999+ OPM was one of the largest precious metal recyclers

Hudson bay front

Hudson Bay - 1 oz Silver Bullion Bar .999+

This is a unique 1 oz Silver Bar manufactured by the Jacque Cartier Mint, We have been only traded 2 of this in the past few years.

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