We Sell Gold and Silver

Welcome to Bullion Partners of Canada Ltd. We are a locally owned and operated Bullion Dealer serving Barrie and Central Ontario in our present location since 2014. Gold and silver is our business and not a sideline. Bullion Partners of Canada Ltd sells gold and silver only in pure form (99.9% or better) such as bullion bars and coins. We take great pride in offering courteous and knowledgeable service and doing our best to meet our customers' needs. Bullion Partners of Canada Ltd. was established in 2013 as an actual bullion exchange open to the public.

The shop was opened with the goal of placing as much precious metal as possible into the stronger hands of the community. This is being accomplished by being a local market leader for gold/silver maple leaf coins specifically and a wide range of other gold and silver bullion products pending availability.

Bullion Partners of Canada Ltd emphasizes the private acquisition of precious metals. To that end we strive to keep Royal Canadian Mint gold and silver maple leaf coins in stock. We also offer various other recognized precious metal bullion products as they become available such as one ounce wafers or foreign bullion coins.

Visit our website: BullionCanada.com

Email us at: info@bullioncanada.com

Local: 705-734-2222

Toll Free: 844-734-2224

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